Author: Leah Ollman

Miro, Noguchi and the name you should know (but probably don't): Jeremy Anderson

At the Landing gallery right now, you’re likely to catch glimpses of Miro, Giacometti, De Chirico and Noguchi. The name you likely won’t recognize is that of the artist whose solo show invokes all of these figures: Jeremy Anderson, whose name deserves to regain its prominence. Source: Entertainment

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Dinh Q. Lê at Shoshana Wayne Gallery: Unspooling the horrors of Vietnam

Photo montages and weavings on view in Santa Monica explore how history – and identity – become fragmented and distorted, just like memory. Source: Entertainment

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Enter the artist's Berlin studio — without leaving L.A.

Jonathan Monk’s sly show at Cherry and Martin provides a glimpse into the artists whose work has fed into his own. Source: Entertainment

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